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Benefits Of Joining MyICOPool Platform

Don't Miss Out

Be informed and never miss another highly Rated ICO project. We research thoroughly and meet with CEOs to ensure we deliver only A+ Grade Projects.

Direct contact with CEOs

We connect to CEOs and structure deals so we can provide our customers with the highest bonuses and deals to benefit our community.

High Class Investors

We are in partnership with startups that sell out at Pre-Sale. All our MultiPool Participation ICO Caps will get filled no matter what.

Professional Company

We are compliant with all government agencies for crowdsourcing projects. We are a Fully Licensed and Compliant Company providing Top Notch customer service.


Secure And Safe Platform

We invested and built the most secure, robust, safe to use and feature rich ICO Participation Platform in the industry.

Unbeatable Bonuses

By participating in our pools we provide you with the best Bonuses from ICO Projects That are not available anywhere else.

Grade A+ Support

You have a question? We have an answer. Join Us on Telegram and ask away any question or bring up any concern about a project and you will be provided a detailed answer.

ICO’s That Sell Out Pre-Sale

With our partners help we manage to get in ICO's that sell out at Pre-Sale. This means no public ICO would take place. With MyICOPool you will be able to Participate in Sold-Out Pre-Sales and sometimes still receive Bonus Tokens.

Our Team

The Guys Behind MyICOPool Project.

Joel Kovshoff

CEO and Founder

Serban Junc

Head Of Development And Co-Founder

Matt Russell


We Created MyICOPool to give everyone the opportunity to be part Of the ICO Game, to get High Bonuses, participate at Pre-Sale prices on High Value Projects that will likely never make it to Public Sale.

How To

How To Participate In MyICOPool MultiPool Platform?


Frequently Asked Question.

Who Are You?
"We are MyICOPool. Our Team contains of 3 members."
How did you come together?
"As a group of cryptocurrency enthusiasts we came to notice that there were many opportunities presented by ICO’s that average everyday people were not able to access due to pre-sales."
Why did we create MyICOPool.com?
"We noticed that there were not many trustworthy or transparent ICO pools and we wanted to create an ICO pool that truly benefits everyone and is 100% compliant and transparent."
How do you find good ICO Projects?
"An advisory board and a team of researchers look for the best investment opportunities in the field of ICOs. Our advisory and ICO research team dig deep into the company (read white papers, look into their teams background to see relevance to the project, meet the CEOs) and find out their use case, and if they solve real world problems. "
Why should I trust you?
"As one of if not the only fully compliant ICO pools we are presenting consumers an opportunity none of the other ICO pool groups do. We are a licensed company and we have registered in the Netherlands as our company headquarters. We are fully transparent with everything we do which will include how much we take as a cut for the projects."
Who are you working with?
"We have a lot of partners and are building partnerships everyday. These are large angel hair investors, investment funds, accredited investors, hedge funds and other pools. We are building exclusive partnerships with ICO projects and normal partnerships."
Can I Trust Your Partners?
"Our connections with our partners are secured via a very cut and dry NDA and Legal contract stating the terms of our involvement with our partners."
How To Participate?
"We take Ethereum, so its as simple as registering with the site, and sending ethereum to the ICO Myetherwallet with a minimum buy in of 0.1 ETH and a usually Pool Fee of 4%."
Why you do it legal?
"We do it legal because 99% of the ICO pools out there do not, we have a transparent and straightforward system that follows all the regulations as they are the stiffest regulatory board in the world."
Can I participate in pools?
"Anyone can participate an ICO with our group as long as they meet our minimum buy target. How to buy in is similar to an actual ICO we give you an eth address through our site and you can even see and track your order and see when we have send your tokens."
How does the platform work?
"Our platform was created by a web developer who has built ICO websites so we have created it to look and feel the same as most ICO’s leaving zero confusion. "

For More Questions and Support We Encourage You To Contact Us on Our Telegram Channel And Join Our Growing Community.


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MyICOPool.com is a legal, stable, secure well implemented multi-platform for ICO’s and other crowdfunding projects owned by a private tech company which deals with web and mobile app development, blockchain research and implementation.

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